Mandatory township pumping/inspections - For the follow townships mandatory pumping and inspection regulations have been placed into effect. 

  1. ​Bart 
  2. Conestoga 
  3. Drumore
  4. Elizabeth 
  5. Leacock
  6. Manor 
  7. Mt. Joy
  8. Paradise 
  9. Penn 
  10. Pequea
  11. Quarryville Boro
  12. Rapho
  13. Salisbury
  14. Strasburg 
  15. W. Donegal
  16. W. Lampeter 
  17. Warwick 


Flexible Scheduling:We will put you on a  one month schedule. When we are in your area during the month we will pump and inspect your system. Leave a door knocker and mail or email your invoice, as well as get any required manifest for your township. No one needs to be home, you will need to expose you lid. (EX: Flexible September would mean we could come any day M-F during the 4 weeks in September and pump)

How often should I get my System Pumped?

We recommend every 2-3 years,this may very depending on usage, house hold size and system size.