Getting Started...
We can accommodate most schedules, However, before an inspection can be scheduled, we need some information from you. Please complete and return the above forms Via Email: Or Fax: 717-284-2035. All forms must be completed, signed and returned prior to scheduling, also please allow up to 5 days to receive final report.


Unfortunately, not all inspections are satisfactory. If repairs are needed, we can get those completed quickly and properly. Once they are completed, the inspection can be amended to reflect these repairs.

Real Estate Inspections

Fins Environmental Service, LLC is fully certified to perform PSMA septic inspections for real estate transactions.

Our inspectors are fully trained to fully understand how septic systems work, why they fail, and how to recognize impending malfunctions. All inspection procedures have been developed with the cooperation of Penn State, Sewage Enforcement Officers, and other industry professionals. All state courts recognize these inspections as industry standard.

Not only will a PSMA inspection give you the knowledge of knowing how your septic system is functioning presently, but can help to foresee problems in the future.