Pump Repairs

Some septic systems use a pump tank with an effluent pump to move the liquid from the tank to the absorption area. Our technicians are specially trained to install and repair these pumps as well as their components.

Sewer Camera Inspections

Using a sewer camera, our technicians can inspect and evaluate sewer lines without the expense of excavation. We can also locate the components of your system that you may be having trouble finding! This camera can give our technician the exact location of a tank, cesspool, distribution box, etc.

Power Snake Machine

With our power snake machine, we can open almost any line you need. This snake is an electric coil outfitted with various size tips giving it the ability to clean grease, roots, and solid sludge matter from your lines.Once we get your line open, we can come up with a maintenance program to ensure your lines stay open and future clogs are prevented.

Septic Tank Pumping & Cleaning

You can trust Fins to provide reliable septic pumping services. Our pumping technicians are fully trained and certified allowing them to provide our customers with the information they need to keep their septic systems operating properly. Back flushing, visual tank and baffle evaluations, and feedback are part of the service we provide to our customers.


Our company can take care of all your septic needs. From maintenance to repair to complete replacement, Fins Environmental Service, LLC can do it all!

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High Pressure Water Jetty

With the high pressure water jetty and a variety of nozzles, our technicians are able clean most clogs and debris from any line. This technique involves forcing liquid, at a high pressure, into the lines and pulling back any roots or solid matter into a distribution box. A pump truck is available on-site to remove the waste.

Hydraulic Load Test

The Hydraulic Load Test is included as a component of the PSMA On-Lot Wastewater Inspection and is often employed to protect both the home buyer and home seller during real estate transactions.