Could hardly tell he was here, except for a few "scratch marks" in the dirt on the septic cover. I don't mean damage! Not a plant trampled! Thanks!

                   Cindy V.

                   New Providence, PA

We have used Fins in the past and always found your service and helpful driver to be above expectations. Alan is an excellent employee. Knowledgeable, helpful, explained the function of septic systems, and what I can do and how to do it to keep the system from failing. Some companies (no matter what business) feel that since they are doing a good job, they don't need to keep up the customer relations or job/ business training. Don't do it! That is how businesses go out of business. A brand new fancy truck does not always mean the best service. Sometimes, it just hides the inability. It is the attitude and knowledge of the employees that shine through. You have that.

                      John L.

                      Quarryville, PA

In June, we discovered that our septic tank was overflowing into our basement. We called Kline's to be pumped out and a salesman came to look at our situation and he determined that the problem was down stream from the septic tank. Because we live in a well established neighborhood there was nowhere that Kline's could access our backyard with his equipment. Kline's recommended Fins Environmental as a near by contractor that would probably have small enough equipment to get in our yard without cutting down any large trees. Jake from Fins came out that afternoon, we reviewed the situation and I authorized him to bring in a mini hoe and find the problem area. When the 4 inch diameter pipe exiting the tank was uncovered and removed we found that it was packed with waste material leaving a hole less than an inch in diameter for liquid to flow through. I decided that as they were on site, we should locate the distribution box and confirm its condition. After excavating about 20 feet with no sign of the d-box Jake suggested sending a video camera down the pipe to stop unnecessary trenching. The camera revealed that the d-box had apparently collapsed as the screen just went dark when the camera could go no further. We excavated at that spot and found that there was no d-box, the drain line had been cut off and a small quantity of stone had been installed to act as a "French Drain".

Turns out the previous owners had installed an in-ground swimming pool where the drain field had been.

Fins designed a new drain field, had it approved by the local codes official and I asked 4 contractors to bid on the work. Three of them turned in prices and Fins had the best price.

The price is higher than one might expect because the system was designed using the "Infiltrator" system. The system requires no crushed stone and produces very little excess soil that would have to be removed from the site. Installing a traditional drain field would have required many hours of skid loader work to both get the stone from the street to the drain field and an equal amount of time to remove the excess dirt. All things considered the Infiltrator system probably cost several thousand dollars less than a typical drain field and didn't do near the damage to the lawn.

All the prices included the entire septic system, fine grading and hydro seeding of the disturbed lawn and replacement of approximately 200 feet of side walk that we knew would be ruined by equipment.

We could not have been more satisfied with Fins. Their office communicated with us on a daily basis (and remember, we had 17 inches of rain in September and 6 inches of snow in late October - not good weather for any site). The workers were very knowledgeable, went about their work professionally, cleaned up before leaving for the day. They answered any questions and accommodated us in every way they could.

We are happy to give our unqualified endorsement of the work performed by Fins and would not consider calling any other contractor for future work of any kind.

                          Rob S.

                          Willow Street, PA

Thank you for keeping me in the loop. I appreciate all your company has done for us. i just spoke to my realtor and the buyer has requested that another company be the ones to pump and complete the hydro test for some reason. in an effort to keep our buyers happy i have agreed, because at this point all i want to do is sell my house and go back on public water & sewage...LOL. i wanted to let you know that we are members of Angie's list and we will be writing great review recommending your company for future business to all members thank you again for you professionalism, knowledge, and efforts to help us along this stressful process. -


Did you have a good experience with Fins? We would love to hear about it!

We were very pleased with the service and price. We needed someone in a hurry and you were there. The technician was great! Thank you!

                     Brenda C.

                     Conestoga, PA

I don't remember the other company's name but Fins came to fix the prior company's screw up, explaining what was incorrect as well as the correct fix for the issue. The tech was very nice and knowledgeable. We have never called anyone else with our septic issues since. Even when an emergency occurred over weekend/ holiday, Fins was our first choice. A great company to work with to cover our septic system.

                    Dave R.

                    Willow Street, PA